Quick Cottage Info

This is the quick info to help assess what cottage might be best suited to your group size. For more details and pictures please click over to our Cottages & Rates tab or reach out to us through the Reservation Request Form. We do offer early season and late season rates in addition to the rates listed here. 20% off reservations that will take place prior to June 9th and after September 8th.

Name of
Max number of
people per cottage
Number of
Cottage 421/1135650
Cottage 542/1185925
Cottage 652/12051025
Cottage 752/12001000
Cottage 852/12101050
Cottage 983/12851385
Cottage 1083 areas/12651310
Cottage 1231/1185925
Rose2 adults1/12401200
Guest House84/24902450
Beach House4 adults1/1260 –
1560 –
Go to the Cottages & Rates tab for more details and photos of each.
Lake Erie, a view from the beach. Look at our quick info to decide which cottage will be the right fit for your next vacation.

Information to Note:

Our cottages vary in size, sleeping 2, 4, 5 or 8 persons. All have kitchenettes with dishes, separate bedrooms, and bathrooms with showers. Each cottage has a coffee maker, microwave, toaster, and a few pots and pans. The kitchen has stovetop burners but no oven (except for Cottage 9, the Guesthouse and the Beach House). Each cottage has a covered patio with picnic table and chairs. Gas or charcoal grills are available for your use. 

The cottages are air conditioned and WiFi is available. WiFi works for small tasks like checking email, it is not for streaming (Netflix, Amazon, etc).The cottages do not have televisions – one of our trademarks – to encourage an “unplugged” vacation! One exception is the Guesthouse as it is available for rental all year and TV is nice on winter days! If you need strong internet connection, we recommend bringing a hotspot.

Alcoholic beverages are permitted. Please use discretely. We advertise and value a family atmosphere. 

You need to bring:

  • Kitchen and bathroom paper supplies
  • Towels, toiletries
  • Beach Supplies
  • Sheets and pillowcases for beds, weekly guests only. Clean mattress pads, pillow protectors and bedspreads or blankets are on beds on arrival.

10/1/15: TAX RATE IS 13.75% – (Sales tax = 6.75%, Lodging tax = 7%). This is added to the cottage rates listed in the quick info chart above. 


No visitors to protect the privacy of everyone’s vacation experience.

No pets allowed – no exceptions. Kennels are nearby.

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